Steve's Real Frozen Raw Dog Food Patties

To keep our pets healthy and vibrant, they need nutrition above and beyond AAFCO standards. At Steve’s, we only use real foods to ensure that your dogs and cats are getting the phytochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, and other diseas

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Cheap, high-carb, dry diets full of fillers and byproducts unfit for human consumption tax your companion’s organs, and can lead to illness and early death. Like humans, the animal body was never built for the chemical-laden food of modern society. A moisture-rich, species-appropriate diet that is easy to digest can work wonders for your pet.  We see the difference every day.

Only fresh, raw, minimally processed foods can provide all the essential micro-nutrients your pets need for a long, healthy life.

Raw Frozen Patties = Precise Feeding

  • Each patty weighs 8oz, which helps to ensure you are feeding the exact weight recommended
  • Paper-separated patties allow for ease of feeding with minimal packaging waste
  • 20lb bulk options are available for large and multi-pet homes

Available in a 13.5lb box and a 20lb bulk box (some PREY diets available)

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