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Benebone Dental Chew

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Honest Products – we believe in simple, honest products. Our nylon chews have only natural flavoring, such as real bacon and real peanuts
Supporting Animal Welfare – we donate at least 1% of our sales to animal welfare causes including animal shelters that are close to us

Wishbone Chew – Our flagship product is a curved nylon wishbone chew. How are we different?

Patented curved shape, allowing a firm grip and control
Deep grooves for grip and feel
Real ingredients for flavor, such as cooked bacon and crushed peanuts
Simple, streamlined packaging
We have just introduced a Benebone mini for smaller dogs.
We use state of the art equipment, creating a consistent and safe product.

Our chew toys are to be enjoyed but not eaten. Benebones should be retired after reasonable wear. We recommend monitoring to ensure the product is not consumed. As with any chew toy, monitoring and replacement mitigate the risk of a large piece being eaten. When in doubt, choose the larger bone for your dog.
Made in a facility that may also be in contact with nuts. As a precaution do not introduce to a household with a nut allergy of any kind.

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