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Claudia's Gourmet Dog Treats

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Three Flavor Mix

An assortment of carob, pumpkin and apple flavor cookies in a pre-packed bulk tub.

Carob Chip

Our carob chip flavored cookies in a pre-packed bulk tub.

Everyday Cookies

Celebrate your pup with this clamshell of delicious peanut butter flavored treats with neutral green and white decorations!

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter

Our peanut butter flavored fork press cookies in a pre-packed bulk tub.

Bacon Sweethearts

Our bacon flavored sweethearts in a pre-packed bulk tub.

Paw Print Sucker

Delicious peanut butter suckers on a crunchy rawhide stick with decorative red bows!

Peanut Butter Goobers

This tub of treats is perfect for gifting! Featuring our best-selling peanut butter flavored goobers, with 3 dipped in colorful pastel candy coating.

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