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Complete Natural Nutrition Pill Buddies

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New and improved! Pill Buddy Naturals make feeding medication a rewarding and easy experience for you and your pet.

We've done two things to improve on the Pill Buddy Naturals: 1) Improved Palatability: We infused the Pill Buddy formula with natural smoke to increase palatability and further lessen the detection of medication. 2) Improved Texture and Functionality: We had many complaints on the original formula that they were too slimy or too crumbly.

In the heat of last summer, some Pill Buddy Naturals turned to loose fudge. The solution was the small inclusion of Xanthan gum - a natural jelling agent made from natural sugar sourced through a fermentation process. With the above formula modifications, the new and improved Pill Buddy Naturals have received awesome feedback!

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