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N & D Pumpkin Dry 5.5lb Bag

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The fish, chicken, lamb, wild boar, and eggs used in our products come only from certified farms that we carefully selected for their high-quality standards. We only use meat from the animal, never any meals or by-products. All of our protein sources consume GMO-free diets and are raised without antibiotics and hormones.  

Free-Range Italian Chicken - A high biological value protein source that helps our product have a 95% digestibility rate. 

New Zealand Lamb - This meat has a high biological value due to its naturally occuring essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, and also has a healthy ratio of lean to fat mass when compared to other red meats. Our grass-fed lamb is born and raised in New Zealand without the use of antibiotics or hormones. 

Wild Italian Boar from Tuscany and Umbria-  Though it is not a commonly used ingredient in cat and dog food, we purposefully selected it because of its high biological value.

Wild-Caught Cod and Herring from the North Sea -  The result is a higher quality fish

Like our chicken, all of the eggs we use are sourced in Italy. We transport the eggs fresh to our shelling plants that transform the eggs into powder through the process of dehydration. This process guarantees the preservation of nutrients. 

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