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Mighty Paw Dog Slow Feeder Insert

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Our slow feeder insert can either be used on its own or be added to dog bowls with a diameter of 7”. It measures 2” in height and holds 3 cups of dry food. That makes it a great option for most dogs. We designed this particular maze pattern with raised ridges of different heights to slow down your pup’s eating and challenge them at meal time. We also added a quick pull paw tab to remove it without getting your hands messy. Veterinarians recommend the use of slow feeders to help prevent the risk of bloating. That’s the number one health risk in dogs who eat too fast because it can be deadly if it’s not treated promptly. Additionally, our insert is made with BPA-free silicone that’s free from harmful chemicals. That makes it completely safe for your pup to eat their kibble, wet food or raw dog food out of it. Clean up is stress-free and super easy too because our slow feed dog bowl inserts are dishwasher safe.

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