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This & That Treats

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Honey Garlic Duck Feet: We have taken one of our most popular bulk items and turned it on it’s ear! Basted in a delicious honey garlic glaze and slow dehydrated for a rich colour and flavor, our duck feet are sure to entice even the pickiest of eaters. Honey has natural antiseptic properties and is considered a heart tonic for dogs. Garlic is good for the blood and a natural bug repellent.

Beef Back Strap: The tendon that runs along the back of the neck.  The back strap is a perfect, long lasting, mess-free, stink-free chew for dogs of all ages.

Everest Cheese Puffs: The crunch you hear as you pup gobbles up this delicious chew tells it all!  We have taken everyone’s favourite Cheese Chew (The Everest Chew) and puffed it for a crunchy, intensely pleasurable treat that is ideal for any dog with allergies or sensitivities.  Bet your pup can’t just have one!

Maple Bacon Sticks: We can’t help it if we’re Canadian eh! In good conscience we couldn’t have bacon with out maple! Our richly flavored sticks are
bursting with flavor. They are a low fat, and deeply delicious chew that is perfect
as an after dinner chew to settle the stomach.

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