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Mika & Sammy's Gourmet Chicken Jerky

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Kiss Me Fresh Breath

We decided to make a healthy, protein packed, fresh breath treat for dogs of all ages & size! Our Kiss Me Fresh Breath Dehydrated Chicken Breast Jerky Treats are made with 100% all natural, all American, human intended ingredients. In fact, Kiss Me Fresh Breath is not only loved by canines, but it’s a favorite among humans & felines as well! Simple yet so delicious, our limited ingredient treat of chicken breast, fresh squeezed lemon juice & fresh cut parsley is a combination your pup will absolutely love!

Poppin' Peanut Butter

Canine enthusiasts know dogs love their peanut butter! Therefore, we came up with the first 100% all natural, all American, peanut butter jerky treat for dogs. Not only does it include peanut butter, but it also contains another dog favorite, all natural chicken breast. Our Dehydrated Chicken & Peanut Butter Jerky Treats are packed with protein. We simply spread our delicious all natural peanut butter on the chicken breast prior to dehydrating and WAHLA, dogs are in chicken & peanut butter heaven! Even the super picky dogs can’t get enough of our Poppin’ Peanut Butter!

Paw Lick' Pumpkin Chicken

Our Paw Lickin’ Pumpkin Chicken dog treats are taking our company by storm! Dogs absolutely love our newest creative combo, pumpkin & chicken breast. Pumpkin is great for both urinary & digestive health as well as weight management. We decided to use organic pumpkin and pair it with chicken breast for added protein. As with each and every one of treats, Paw Lickin’ Pumpkin Chicken is grain free and gluten free. And the best part, veterinarians highly recommend both pumpkin and chicken for dogs of all ages and size.

Philly Chicken Cheesesteak

Everybody loves a good chicken cheesesteak, even dogs! Our Philly Chicken Cheesesteak is a new favorite among dogs everywhere. Combined using two of their all-time favorites, chicken and cheese, it is a guaranteed winner among even the pickiest of dogs. Upon making the first and only all natural chicken breast & cheese combination on the market today, we decided to use the very best, low lactose, parmesan cheese we could find. The end result is totally pawsome!

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